Newman School is a community special school which offers a specialist range of provision to support children and young people with physical disabilities, medical needs and complex learning needs.

We aim to create an environment that is warm, free from inhibiting pressures yet has the capability to be challenging.

Headteacher's Statement

As the new Headteacher of a very Special School I thank you for visiting Newman school website, we need as many people engaged with special schools as possible. So if you are a parent or family member join the network through Facebook and Twitter. We have been here educating pupils with additional needs for 70 years and with you out there we will continue for another 70 (at least).

Lots of pieces make up Newman and if you visit us often, you will be kept informed of the fantastic learning that goes on in our school and in the wider community. My job is to shape our provision, staff and environment to create the best future possible for the children and young people who attend and will attend Newman school. Through this website and social media you can follow us and hopefully join us to be part of that challenge.

From the young children we have in our EYFS provision right through to the young adults in the sixth form we challenge them to be the best they can be, we want them to be as independent as possible and have their voice even when they are non-verbal. We want them to stand tall even in a wheelchair, we want them to feel confident about themselves, to make choices to be visible. We want them to succeed, even if success is just finishing. We will be there with them, with you and with the support so when they go home on a night or finish school at 19 they, you and us feel a sense of achievement! Stay with us – together we will achieve.