Design and technology in the Primary Department provides the children with a wealth of opportunities to learn and apply skills and techniques to enable them to create a wide range of products. Projects are often linked to Humanities or Science topics e.g. making ‘Viking’ shields in a History topic. The children work on a wide range of products requiring very different skills e.g. using an electrical construction set to make a moving vehicle; using ‘i stop movie’ to make a film; or sewing an embroidery.

Children are encouraged to think of their own ideas for projects and are given a level of support appropriate to their needs. They discuss their ideas and, as able, draw sketches, write notes, make prototypes. Some tasks are adapted for individuals as necessary. They may need to draw upon their knowledge and understanding of other subjects to achieve the task, e.g. measuring.

Children investigate existing products relevant to a project e.g. looking at a range of different chairs within school and online before thinking how they can make a chair for a doll from a range of items provided within the classroom or that they can request.
The children are encouraged to say how well the designs work and how appealing they are.

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