Primary Maths

Children in the primary department follow the National Curriculum at their own cognitive/developmental level. Within a class there will be children working within the programmes of study for different years according to their level of understanding.

They will learn to use mathematical vocabulary (e.g. count, more, big, square, fraction), to recognise symbols (e.g. 3, +, =, £), to use pictures and representations and will always have concrete experiences and materials until their concepts are secure and they are ready to work mentally.

Children will learn rote counting and handling of objects, eventually combining these to understand one to one correspondence with the lower numbers before moving on to higher numbers and concepts.

Children using communication aids will learn the locations of appropriate mathematical vocabulary.

The many opportunities to use maths in other subjects will be taken e.g. counting how many bean bags thrown on target in P.E.

Staff meet regularly to track individual children's progress and to plan next steps in their learning.

Maths in KS3 and KS4

In Secondary Maths we build on all the key principles established in the Primary Department. We follow the National Curriculum, with pupils working at an appropriate level and using a range of equipment to support their learning.

As students move through the Secondary Department we look at preparing them to achieve a range of qualifications. We start to use text books, work from written problems and look more carefully at using and applying their skills to real life situations.

Pupils are entered for a range of suitable qualifications including Functional skills at Entry levels 1,2 and 3, Level 1 Number and Measure and GCSE at Foundation and Higher Tier.

Sixth Form Maths

All pupils in the Sixth Form who haven't achieved a level 2 (GCSE grade C) qualification must continue to study Maths. Again we teach pupils at an appropriate level and offer the same range of qualifications. As well as discrete Maths, subjects such as COPE and Floristry offer opportunities to practise Maths skills. Similarly college work and other visits allow pupils to practise their skills in the world outside Newman School. Many of our pupils attend local colleges when they leave Newman. All of these colleges assess the pupils on entry using an online test called BKSB; in Sixth Form we set aside time for our students to prepare using this product.


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